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Video: I Don’t Tell People I’m Mohbad’s Mother Because He Was Scared I Would Be Killed — Mohbad’s Mother Opens Up



Mohbad’s mother has disclosed the life her son was forced to live due to the physical attacks and bullying he was subjected to after he left Marlian Music.

Speaking in an interview with TVC, Promise Aloba, the late singer’s mother recalled how he took good care of her and always wanted to have her around.

Below is a translation from her interview, which was granted in Yoruba:

“I don’t tell people I’m Mohbad’s mother, because he was scared I might get kidnapped or killed.

“I’ve spent just five months in the new house he rented for me, he even visited me 3 times. He took me out of where I was living before to Ikorodu, he said he wanted to be visiting me from time to time.

“He just rented a huge space comprising of 3 shops for me. I’m yet to open it. He gave me money that I used to buy 2 big freezers and a big generator. The day he died, he promised to send N5 million so I can buy goods to stock up.


“His wife said she’ll come and meet me, that I should get someone that will support me because we cannot buy the goods at once, that it will take us 3 days to buy all the goods.

“But now I’m scared, I can’t go back to Ikorodu, I called someone to help me rent the shop out and give me the money. My son did not enjoy himself, he lived in fear. He did not enjoy himself.

“Whenever I visit him here, he sits right there and I’ll sit with him, then take him upstairs to sleep but he’ll be shaking his head. I even thought all those problems and attacks had stopped, but when they beat him again recently after he dropped his EP, I said these people haven’t left you, and he usually went to the police station to report, because I witnessed it twice.

“I spent 10 days with him, I did not know he was going to die. I left on Saturday and he died on Monday. And the reason I left on Saturday was because he had a show, he begged, begged, and begged me not to leave. So I told him that won’t he allow me to go to church on Sunday, that I’ve missed church for two weeks and I needed to go and pray because I’m losing myself. It was the church that I mentioned that made him let me go.


“Because him and his wife were pranking me, I told him that I was going, but because he didn’t want me to go, he delayed giving me my feeding money because he knows I’ll leave if he gives me the money. Normally, he gives me feeding allowance every month.”

Watch her speak in the video below.





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Empowerment for Cleft Patients in Nigeria




Ignorance about cleft and palate diagnosis, care, and treatment remains a challenge in Nigeria. Esther Ochegbe, a 26-year-old mother, arrived with her son Paul John at the National Hospital, Abuja. She was filled with joy, which was a stark contrast to the previous week when she had concealed her baby’s cleft lip in distress.

At first, she was uncertain about the possibility of corrective surgery for her son, but the emergence of Smile Train Foundation, offering free cleft surgeries, became their ray of hope. Surgeons at the hospital assured Esther of a successful procedure, which eventually transformed her son’s life.

John’s successful surgery brought immense relief and transformed their lives. Cleft lip and palate, as explained by Professor Emmanuel Ameh, a renowned paediatric surgeon, is a common birth defect affecting not only the physical appearance but also the speech and feeding abilities of the affected person.

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These birth defects, Prof. Ameh highlights, can be caused by various factors, including genetic abnormalities, alcohol intake during pregnancy, and some medicinal treatments. It is essential to address this prevalent issue through collaborative efforts and timely access to safe surgical interventions.

Challenges and Triumphs

Peace Nuhu’s journey with her son Jethro reflects the challenges faced by many families dealing with cleft lip and palate. They encountered numerous obstacles, from misdiagnosis to financial constraints hindering access to proper care. However, the discovery of Smile Train Foundation’s free cleft surgeries offered hope and a path to a new beginning.

Peace Nuhu
Peace Nuhu

Jethro’s successful surgery not only closed the gap in his palate but also symbolized a new chapter in their lives. The transformative impact of organizations like Smile Train emphasizes the crucial need for collaborative efforts and investments in comprehensive cleft care to bring about positive change in the lives of affected individuals.


Empowering the Future

By sharing stories of courage and resilience, it’s evident that addressing cleft lip and palate goes beyond surgical interventions. It involves dispelling misconceptions, providing psychological support, and ensuring holistic care for affected individuals. With over 37,000 successful surgeries in Nigeria alone, Smile Train Foundation, alongside its local partners, continues to empower individuals to live and thrive despite their cleft condition.

In conclusion, advocacy, education, and collaborative initiatives are pivotal in preventing and addressing cleft lip and palate, thereby ensuring that every individual, regardless of their birth defects, can lead a fulfilling life.

The post Empowerment for Cleft Patients in Nigeria appeared first on NewsNow Nigeria.

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AGF to review Shasore’s case



The office of the Attorney-General of the Federation has requested a review of the alleged $200m bribe case against a former Attorney-General of Lagos State, Olasupo Shasore.

This, was according to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, on Friday.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the EFCC counsel, Mr Bala Sanga (SAN), informed an Ikeja Special Offences Court that there was a request from the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation, for a review of the case.

Sanga said the request for review was due to the recent judgment of a United Kingdom Court.

He said the Federal Government of Nigeria had won its case against Process & Industrial Developments Ltd. in the UK court in October.

According to him: “The judgment was delivered after five years of legal fireworks which was finally given in favour of Nigeria, as the court quashed the 11 billion dollars arbitration award in favour of P&ID.


“As a result of the judgement of the London Court, which I can call the ‘mother case,’ the Office of the Attorney-General of the Federation has recalled all documents for a comprehensive review and we have a letter to that effect.

“We, therefore, request for an adjournment as the prosecution awaits the outcome of the review.”

There was no objection raised by the lead defence counsel, Mr Chijioke Okoli (SAN).

Justice Mojisola Dada adjourned the case until Jan. 24, 2024, for further report.

Shasore served as the Attorney-General of Lagos State and the Commissioner for Justice during the tenure of Babatunde Fashola as the governor.

The embattled senior lawyer is standing trial on a two-count charge bordering on alleged bribery of public officers, preferred against him by the EFCC.

He had pleaded not guilty, following his arraignment on Oct. 21, 2022.

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EFCC alleged that Shasore corruptly gave the sum of 100,000 dollars to one Olufolakemi Adelore, the Director Legal, Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources.

The money was alleged to be given on account of the role she played in the arbitration proceedings instituted by Process and Industrial Developments Ltd. against the ministry.

It was also alleged that the defendant corruptly gave the sum of 100,000 dollars to one Ikechukwu Oguine, Secretary to the Cooperation and Coordinator.

The money was also alleged to have been given on account of the role he played in the arbitral proceedings instituted by P&ID against the ministry.

According to the prosecution, the alleged offences contravene Section 9(1) (a) of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act 2000.


The post AGF to review Shasore’s case appeared first on NewsNow Nigeria.

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Amid Isreal DMW’s marital saga, Davido shares a cryptic message about the value of words



Davido, the music star, has responded to the marital drama involving his logistics manager, Isreal DMW.

Prior reports from NewsNow revealed that Isreal had opened up about his marital crisis, recounting how he met his wife, elevated her status, and provided for her and her family.

Regrettably, their marriage didn’t last long as the situation deteriorated when his wife tried to change him to meet her standards and often shamed him for being broke.

Ultimately, she left the marriage and went to live with a friend in Abuja, whom Isreal labeled as a prost!tute. Isreal denied allegations of physically assaulting her, called out his mother-in-law, and directed curses at Sheila.

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In another post, he disclosed his struggle with depression but expressed gratitude for Davido, who consistently checked on him.

In what appears to be a response, Davido posted on his Twitter page, emphasizing the importance of speaking only when necessary because words hold significant value.

“Speak when necessary. The words carry more value then”.

Davido say one should speak when necessary

Israel and Sheila got married on Thursday, October 20, 2022, in a traditional ceremony held in Benin City, followed by their white wedding two days later.

Less than a year after their lavish wedding, the couple parted ways after NewsNow, a controversial Instagram blogger, revealed details about their separation.


The blog alleged that the 02 performing artist and his wife ended their marriage due to domestic violence allegations, and Sheila returned her bride price.

The couple later confirmed the news after Sheila publicly criticized the 002 performing artist for sharing a photo of them from their traditional marriage and referring to her as his wife.

The post Amid Isreal DMW’s marital saga, Davido shares a cryptic message about the value of words appeared first on NewsNow Nigeria.

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