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“Umbrella” by Nasboi Makes Waves Topping Shazam, Apple Music, and Spotify Charts!



 Eminent Transglobal Sounds Records Limited (ETSRL Music) is ecstatic over the immense success of Nasboi’s latest release, “Umbrella.” Since its launch on November 24th, the track has taken the music world by storm, dominating charts on Shazam in Nigeria and Ghana, securing a Top 6 position on Apple Music, and claiming another 6th spot on Spotify with over 20 million streams across various music platforms.

Not only has “Umbrella” conquered the digital realm, but Nasboi’s infectious “Umbrella” dance has also become a social media phenomenon, with A-list Nigerian celebrities such as Don Jazzy, FunkeAkindele, Sabinus, MrMararoni, Layi Wasabi, Sydney Talker, and others showcasing their moves.

The success of “Umbrella” has solidified Nasboi’s transition from being a content creator to an A-level musician, leading to numerous live performances, including a meet and greet event hosted by Oppo Nigeria in Abuja on December 15th. The momentum continued with another show in Osaba on December 18th, sponsored by GOTV Nigeria, among many others – establishing Nasboi’s presence on the music scene.

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ETSRL Music, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Wisdom Okoye, aims to create a musical empire that nurtures and propels talents onto the global stage. The label’s debut project, “Lover Boy,” achieved remarkable success with over 4 million streams and widespread television coverage across Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania. The rapid success of Nasboi’s latest victory has had a profound impact on this new label, surprising many with their achievement within a short span.

As 2023 draws to a close and with Christmas just around the corner, Nasboi leads the charts across various music platforms with his hit song “Umbrella” featuring the highly-gifted Wande Coal, also known as Black Diamond.

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According to the NG All Radio Chart, which ranks the Top 200 songs played on all radio stations across Nigeria, Nasboi has maintained the leading position for another week. His song has been played a total of 439 times, with 64.6 million impressions, placing Nasboi at the top of the chart of 200 songs.








The post “Umbrella” by Nasboi Makes Waves Topping Shazam, Apple Music, and Spotify Charts! appeared first on NewsNow Nigeria.

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Herbert Wigwe’s Tweet Resurfaces – Encouraging Followers to Treasure Each Moment



Prior to his tragic passing, Access Holdings CEO Herbert Wigwe took to X, previously known as Twitter, and reminded his followers to cherish every moment.

The renowned business tycoon was involved in a fatal helicopter crash in California, United States, just 21 days after his post.

Reports indicate that Wigwe was traveling with his family, including his wife, son, and three other passengers when the tragic incident occurred.

Following news of the accident, internet users began uncovering Wigwe’s previous posts on his official X handle.

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In one of his tweets, Wigwe emphasized the importance of recognizing life as a precious gift and urged his followers to ensure that they made every moment count.

He expressed, “Today and always, let us remember that life is a precious gift – a chance to breathe, feel, love, experience, and connect. Let’s honor this gift by living with purpose, kindness, and gratitude, making every moment count. Let us number our days.”

The post Herbert Wigwe’s Tweet Resurfaces – Encouraging Followers to Treasure Each Moment appeared first on NewsNow Nigeria.

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Surgeons Warn Against Hymen Surgery for Women with Bleeding Disorders



Surgeons have advised against hymen reconstruction surgery for women with bleeding disorders. They cautioned that such surgeries should be avoided, especially for women whose blood cannot clot properly. Bleeding disorders, a group of conditions where the blood cannot clot properly, make these surgeries risky.

Hymen reconstruction or repair surgery, commonly known as Hymenoplasty, is a procedure to either repair a torn hymen or reconstruct a missing one, as detailed by the Plastic Surgery Clinic, a Canada-based beauty clinic.

The hymen, a small, thin piece of tissue that surrounds or covers the vagina, is often associated with sexual inactivity and is believed to tear and cause bleeding during the first sexual activity, according to Cleveland Clinic, an online health portal.

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The reasons for undergoing hymenoplasty vary, including religious and cultural beliefs, psychological and emotional relief following sexual abuse or trauma, as well as repairing an injured hymen caused by factors unrelated to sex. Some women also opt for the procedure to increase self-confidence, adhere to societal expectations of virginity, and address intimacy concerns.

Complications associated with hymenoplasty include bruising, swelling, hematomas, bleeding, discolouration of the hymen, numbness, intense pain, faintness, rare or foul-smelling discharge, excessive itching, irregular bleeding, and inflammation, as listed by Women’s Health Services of Maryland.

In Nigeria, hymenoplasty is not as popular as in Western countries. However, it is increasingly sought after, primarily by single women aiming to restore their perceived virginity and adhere to societal expectations.

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While the artificial hymen resulting from hymenoplasty does not guarantee virginity, it is considered by some women to fulfill cultural and social norms. However, experts caution about the long-term outcomes and complications associated with these cosmetic procedures.

Women considering such surgical procedures are advised to undergo thorough medical examinations to assess the potential risks and implications on their overall health.

The post Surgeons Warn Against Hymen Surgery for Women with Bleeding Disorders appeared first on NewsNow Nigeria.

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Key Learnings from Seven-Up Bottling Company’s SMEs Bootcamp



Seven-Up Bottling Company collaborated with Zenith Bank and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to organize a two-day Scale-Up Bootcamp for small and medium-sized enterprises. The aim was to provide these businesses with essential information and strategies to help them scale up.

The bootcamp featured sessions led by industry experts including Ziad Maalouf, the Managing Director of Seven-Up Bottling Company, Segun Ogunleye, GM of Marketing at Seven-Up Bottling Company, Lanre Oladimeji, the Head of Retail Banking at Zenith Bank, Oluyomi Banjo, the National Director at UNIDO, Babatunde Irukera, the former Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Agency, and Adeshola Aliogo, the Founder of Thrive HR.

The bootcamp provided valuable insights on corporate, people management, and financial management strategies crucial for scaling. Here are ten key takeaways from the bootcamp:

Insight from Ziad during a session

1. Discover your ‘sweet spot’: According to Ziad, a successful business aiming to scale must combine experience, passion, and value to meet a global need. Entrepreneurs were advised to reevaluate their business if it fails to match all three criteria.

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Lanre Oladimeji from Zenith Bank during his presentation

2. Tips for accessing loans: Lanre Oladimeji highlighted the importance of understanding the five Cs of credit and emphasized the key role of character in obtaining loans. He also stressed the need for a business continuity and succession plan and advised applicants to help bankers understand their business to access loans effectively.

3. Fear breeds errors: Entrepreneurs were cautioned against fostering a zero-tolerance environment for mistakes as it hinders growth. It was advised that teams should be encouraged to learn from errors for personal and business development.

CEOs of SMEs at the bootcamp

4. Team evaluation and incentives: Ziad emphasized the importance of evaluating and motivating the team based on performance. He suggested creating a performance and incentive framework to drive results and scale the business.

5. Wrong recruitment costs more: Adeshola Aliogo emphasized the significance of employee engagement for enterprise growth, pointing out the high cost of wrong recruitment.

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6. Look-alike recruitment breeds stagnation: To drive business growth, a diverse team was recommended using the SABI formula – Strive, Accountability, Bonding, and Innovation.

Insight from Oluyomi Banjo during the UNIDO session

7. SME funding opportunity at UNIDO: Oluyomi Banjo announced UNIDO’s commitment to supporting sustainable development and encouraged SMEs to take advantage of initiatives such as the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme for business support.

8. Increase willingness to pay: Ziad stressed the importance of creating value to make customers willing to pay more for products or services.

Insight from Babatunde Irukera during the regulatory framework session

9. Regulation rewards innovation: Babatunde Irukera highlighted the importance of regulation for business growth and encouraged entrepreneurs to understand the regulatory scope within their business space.

10. Explore incremental and architectural ideas: Entrepreneurs were advised to consider improving existing products or services and applying existing ideas or technology to new areas for business growth.

The post Key Learnings from Seven-Up Bottling Company’s SMEs Bootcamp appeared first on NewsNow Nigeria.

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