5 Guinness World Records that are relatively easy to break

5 Guinness World Records that are relatively easy to break

These are five Guinness World Records you can easily break.


Breaking a World Record won’t be easy, but it shouldn’t be too hard as well, that’s why we came up with five world records you can easily smash.

If you love to do laundry or fold clothes, then it should be pretty easy for you. The current record is 31 shirts folded in one minute. How many shirts do you think you can fold in less than a minute?

The current record is 5.78 seconds, that’s not an easy record to beat, so good luck with that. In this activity, you will be organizing the cans in the fridge.

There are some general rules: You must start with the refrigerator door closed, use a professional refrigerator, and the cans must be complete and unopened. The attempt is invalid if any of the cans fall or if any of them ends up damaged or dented while being moved.

If you are a movie or series lover, then you can always try this challenge. Let’s face it, you have probably spent all day and night watching a movie or series, so why don’t you push yourself to do it for a week?

To be able to do this, here are some general guidelines: sleeping is not permitted, but you can eat and drink, it has to take place in a public theatre, there must be two witnesses, a medical supervisor must always be present, and you can only use the restroom during the 15-minute break that follows every third film.

You would be setting a new record if you try this with Nigerian food. This one should be pretty easy if you like to cook, or you have the energy for such activity. All you have to think of doing is making whatever you are cooking very big.

If you are making solid food like eba also make sure you are making soup along with it. The food cannot be wasted, gather a lot of people to eat it. Also, make sure you make it quickly so no one beats your record.

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