New Camp Persian Series

New Camp Persian Serial

The Iranian series New Camp (سریال نیوکمپ) produced in 1401 in Iran, directed by Manouchehr Hadi and written by Babak Kaidan, this series is Manouchehr Hadi’s fifth directing experience in the home show network. He attracted many audiences, but his subsequent productions, which were all in the romance and drama genre, could not achieve much success like the romance series for Manouchehr Hadi.

The story of the New Camp series is about a family that is struggling with a severe financial crisis, but to get rid of this crisis, the son of the family decided to participate in betting sites and bet on the match between Iran and Argentina so that he might be able to To save his family from financial crisis. Everything is going well for the family boy, who bet on a draw, and until the 90th minute, he is satisfied and happy with everything, until in the 92nd minute, Camp Nou makes all the wishes of the family boy disappear.

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