Joker Serial

Joker Serial

The Joker series (سریال جوکر رئالیتی شویی) is humorous and spectacular. The purpose of this program is to joke and laugh and spend pure moments. The host of this program is Mehran Modiri, Siamak Ansari. This reality show, like other reality shows, has a host and a number of guests. The guests are supposed to be athletes, actors and artists from the country. The program is run in such a way that the guests have to go to a separate room and each of them tries to make the other person laugh with whatever ability they have. If they succeed, they have won the game. The point of this program is that when laughing at their opponent, they should not laugh at all, otherwise they will lose.

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  1. Mohadese

    Mn fkm daaard gereft az khande , awwliii bud makhsusan fasle do 🤌😂😂🤭

    10.0 rating