Hayoola Season 2

Hayoola 2 Derakula

The second season of the Hayoola series (سریال هیولا 2 – دراکولا) with the new name of the Deracula series will be made by Mehran Modiri. The series may be also called Hayoola 2.
Story of Hayoola 2 named Dracula : Jaleh Kabiri, the new wife of Kamran Kamerva, who has been married to him for three years, celebrated his birthday and invited all acquaintances and friends to show off their wealth to others. Kamran Kamerva has also started a new charity for working children and is engaged in money laundering as before, and has hired Mahyar Mehrafzon. A magnificent party is set up and we meet Camerva’s new friends and family. Meanwhile, Kamran Kamerva is informed that his son has been arrested for setting up betting sites abroad, and agents will come to him soon. After hearing this news, Kamerva boarded his personal helicopter with Chamchera and…