Haft Serial

Haft Farsi Series

Haft Series (سریال هفت) is the title of the home show network series directed and produced by Kiaresh Asadizadeh produced in 1400 in Iran, which is narrated in a social drama. Asadizadeh brought this series to the camera based on a script written jointly by himself and Ali Asghari, and narrated the story of seven young people who get involved in a complicated story. In the summary of the story of this series, it is stated: “We are friends, we stand by the right, we hit, kill, kill, we die until the end, but we don’t forgive, no matter what happens, we are still here, we are still alive.”

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  1. سیامک

    واقعا عالیه من که خیلی حال کردم .

    10.0 rating