Di Va Mah Pishooni Serial

Div Va Mah Pishooni Iranian Serial

This series is directed by Hossein Zwanat, produced by Mehdi Yari and written by Mehrdad Kuroshnia in the fantasy genre and based on ancient legends of Iran. Devil and Mah Pishuni is a product of Saro Media Parsian Institute, which had previously produced the Hashtag Khale Souske series for children and teenagers.

This collection is a musical series, and attention to poetry and songs and the musical atmosphere has made each part of the audience to be accompanied by several songs, and from this point of view, this series can be described as a happy and attractive work for children.

The emerging actor Satish Mousavi plays the role of Mah Pishuni in this series, and the comedy aspects of the series with the presence of Ali Sadeghi in the main role is one of the attractions of this home show.

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