Amesterdam Iranian Series

Amsterdam Persian Series

Amesterdam series (سریال ایرانی آمستردام) produced in 1401 in Iran, directed and written by Masoud Karagzlou, a 35-year-old young director who recently directed the Amsterdam series starring Mehdi Pakdel and Mehdi Soltani. With this series, Karagzlou is going to enter the home show network, but he has not had the experience of appearing in the home show network in his artistic career and he has directed only two films before this.

One of the characteristics of these workers is that in the two works he has made before, such as the Iranian series Amsterdam, he has written the script himself, and he has always preferred to make his films and series based on the stories that happen in his mind. This is considered a feature of this director, the producer of this series is Morteza Shaisheti, who has produced more than 30 films in his resume, and this time he is going to be in Amsterdam with Masoud Karagzlou.

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