AghaZadeh Series

Aghazadeh Persian Serial

Aghazadeh (سریال آقازاده) series is the fourth experience of Hamed Angha and Behrang Tofighi’s collaboration after making the series “Beautiful Revolution” and “Pedar”. Agha zade was produced for the home theater network and its investor was Ouj Organization, and its production started in the early fall of ’98. According to some media, the names of the actors in the Aghazade series have been slightly different, but the presence of some actors in this series is certain. Amir Aghaei, Mehdi Soltani, Amin Hayaee, Nikki Karimi, Amin Tarakh and Samieh Lak are among the actors in the first season of the Aghazadeh series.

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  1. Pari

    They play really good and they show how corrupt and dirty this regime is. Thank you.

    9.0 rating