Phyna does too much – Somadina flares up after yesterday’s confrontation

Nigerian actor, Somadina Adinma, has expressed his opinion over Phyna’s  lousy attitude. 

This came shortly after the incident between Phyna and her fellow housemate, Bella yesterday. 

Recall that during the confrontation yesterday, Phyna threatened to beat up Bella, and also questioned her upbringing.

This particular statement has stirred up so many reactions from netizens and fans all over the internet, which Somadina is not exempted from.

In his tweet, which hitherto is now deleted, expressed his concern:


“Phyna be doing too much, if not for big brother rules you break Bella legs because you are from the streets lol…na you be first agbero girl….mtcheww”. 

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Before the tweet was deleted, many fans went with him and actually advised Phyna should tone down her lousiness. 


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