Phyna and Bella blow hot

Bella and Phyna were at each other’s throat once again, in a conversation which eventually became heated.


This happened after a round table discussion the level up housemates had about food disbursement.


In the roundtable meeting, Phyna voiced her disapproval of Bella, Chomzy, and Sheggz’ chatting about the food allocation from the previous day. This didn’t go down well for Bella and Sheggz, as they both responded with expressions of disapproval at Phyna’s tone. Bella retorted. “You can lead by being nice.”

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It was actually this response from Bella and Sheggz’s that set off an emotional rollercoaster as Bella and Phyna first exchanged barbs before their guys stepped in. Sheggz stepped into the argument because he had an issue with Phyna asking Bella the question “who raised her?”, while Groovy decided to stand up to Sheggz for verbally attacking his partner.


The entire Level Up Housemates and Guests eventually intervened, and persuaded all the parties involved, which eventually brought about calm.

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