It is mentioned in the summary of the story of the movie Yaghe Sefidha Movie (فیلم یقه سفیدها). “A boy who has been unaware of his father for many years. He suddenly realizes that his father is a high-ranking official and decides to enter the Yaghe Sefidha world”; Shahram Maslakhi is a director, writer and producer. The movie “Fathers” directed by Salem Salvati and produced by Shahram Maslakhi was present in the New Look section of the 38th Fajr Film Festival. Shahram Maslakhi said about the production of Pedran: “Salem Salvati was concerned about starting production a few years before me and had talked to many producers. But it didn’t come to a conclusion until our cooperation was formed during meetings. For me, production is a place to learn, but personally, I am interested in filmmaking and gaining experience.

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