Tanhaeie Mah (فیلم تنهایی ماه) Movie is a social, family, romance and drama film directed by Mahmoud Magaghi, which was made in 2019 and released in 2023; The film was produced by Vahid Bitarfan and the script was written by Ahmed Talebi. Mahmoud Maqami, who is mostly active as an actor in cinema and television, this time after the films Sharara and Ashk Barf, he sat on the director’s chair again and went for a romantic melodrama, and this time as a director and actor, he depicted the concerns of today’s young generation. is drawn; The loneliness of the moon, which was made in the silence of news, is a romantic melodrama that tells about the class gap; From the love that is sold for money and the world of fleeting love; It talks about a young man named Amir Hossein who, due to progress and promotion in his job, forgets love, abandons his fiancee, and falls in love with a rich woman who is the same age as his mother.

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