Roozhaye Narenji full movie (فیلم روزهای نارنجی) is a social drama film written by “Arash Lahouti” and “Jamileh Darolshafaei” and directed by “Arash Lahouti” and produced in 2017 by Iranian cinema. Roozhaye Narenji, produced by Alireza Qasem Khan, has participated in 35 international festivals and won 9 awards in various fields, including the “Great Newcomer Cinematographer”, “World Church Award” and “Award”. “Pfeiffer,” he pointed out. Meanwhile, the play “Tehrani Gift” in this film was praised by the judges of the “Mannheim International Film Festival” in Germany. Prominent actors such as “Hedyeh Tehrani”, “Ali Mosafa” and “Mehran Ahmadi” have played roles in this film.

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