Nan Eshgh Motor Hezar (نان و عشق و موتور ۱۰۰۰) is a Iranian comedy directed and produced by Abolhassan Davoodi and written by Peyman Ghasemkhani and Abolhassan Davoodi and made in 2001.

Baran (Bahareh Rahnama) lives in an old house and lives there with her grandmother (Gohar Kheirandish), aunt (Afarin Ebeisi) and her cousin (Rima Raminfar), and Yaroli (Akbar Abdi) is Baran’s uncle who died after his father died. And Baran’s mother is also his only guardian. After Baran’s procrastination about marriage, he is pressured by his uncle to choose a suitable wife for a certain period of time and get married.

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