The movie Jazire Fazaie (فیلم جزیره فضایی) or Tornado 2is a adventure, fantasy and family movie directed, written and produced by Seyedjavad Hashemi, which was made and released in 1401; Space Island was created following the success and reception of the audience from the first part of Tornado; The movie Tornado is the story of a professor who recently established a restaurant; After a while, this restaurant turns into a spaceship; Four playful teenagers enter the spaceship without permission; They turn it on without the permission of the professor and move towards space and finally land in a distant land among aliens; In order to return, they have to communicate with Earth. In the meantime, one of the teenagers goes out of the ship; He meets aliens and meets a person named Omid who had already landed in this land; With the help of the professor, they manage to turn on the ship and return to Earth, but they cannot bring Omid back with them.

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