Jamshidieh full Movie (فیلم جمشیدیه) is a film in the socio-family genre written by “Yalda Jebli” and “Fardin Khalatbari” and directed by “Fardin Khalatbari” and produced in 1397 by Iranian cinema. Prominent actors such as “Sara Bahrami”, “Hamed Komili”, “Pantea Panahiha”, “Saeed Changizian”, “Setareh Pesyani” and “Neda Jabraili” have played roles in this film. Jamshidia deals with one of the pervasive problems of society with a social perspective. “Taraneh” and “Amir” are a 34- and 37-year-old couple who are involved in an accident on the night of Amir’s birthday, and to discover the truth hidden in the heart of the accident, they enter a complex path in which as much as possible The further they go, the less likely they are to return.