The script for the fantasy comedy film Angello (فیلم آنجلو) was penned by Ali Kian-Arthi and Leila Nikzad, drawing inspiration from a concept by Maryam Bahrul-Uloomi. The film’s eye-catching poster was expertly crafted by Rojan Irji. In the following sections of this article, we will delve into more details about “Angello,” the short film. The cast of “Angello” includes Youssef Timuri, Sogol Tahmasabi, Seyed Ahmad Hosseini, Mohdtseh Hirat, Neda Kohi, Amir Masoud Arzoumand, and Ramina Hosseini, with the distinctive voice of Mehrdad Farzale adding to the movie’s charm. “Angello” stands as one of Bahrfilm’s recent offerings, exemplifying the realm of independent filmmaking. Ali Kianarthi, renowned for his prowess as a sound director in the cinema industry, had previously tasted international success with his inaugural short film, “Triplex,” a gripping horror tale.

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