Between Camry and Corolla Car which should you buy in Nigeria?

Between Camry and Corolla Car which should you buy in Nigeria: making choice on a particular type of car to purchase in Nigeria can be very confusing, especially when you have many flashy cars option. But when you find yourself in a situation with few options and low budget, and you are left with option to chose Between Camry and Corolla Car, you may need to consider some things and convince yourself on the best car to buy on low budget.

In this article, we will make it easier for you to make a decision, as we bring you details of some important things you need to know about Camry and Corolla Car

What is Camry and a Corolla?

Camry and Corolla are two different type of cars designed by Toyota. They both have similarities and distinct differences. In Nigeria, Camry and Corolla brands are very popular in Nigeria roads and they are popularly known as Pencil, Orobo, Muscle, Big for Nothing, While, Some  of the Toyota Corolla’s nicknames are : First lady, bank type etc.

Important features between a Camry and a Corolla

They are some important things you should take note of when deciding whether car to buy a Camry and a Corolla

Camry and Corolla Prices in Nigeria:

If you are working on a limited budget, Corolla Car is the better option to pick between the two. A brand new Toyota corolla is about 18. 5 million Naira, depending on the brand and year it was Manufactured. while a brand new Toyota Camry cost between 20million Naira. although there’s an option of getting used cars, which are more affordable.

Between Camry and Corolla Car which should you buy in Nigeria? check out more features below.

Camry VS Corolla Car Engine:

A Camry has a better car engine than corolla. according to research, the Camry has better horsepower than a Corolla when compared to the 132horsepower of corolla. Another important concern with the corolla is the strength and time it exhausts when accelerating, but camrys case is not like that, Camry has in-built cylinders, it is ready to start and move at one turn.

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Camry VS Corolla Body safety:

If involved in an severe accident, the chances of experiencing car damage with Toyota Camry are lower when compared to a Toyota corolla. Although the Camry and Corolla Cars are  equipped to pass the safety test features, but Camry is built to withstand body damage depending on the level of hit.

Camry VS Corolla Trunk space:

On the trunk space feature , the Camry surpass the Corolla as the Camry offers 14.1 cubic feet of trunk space, while the Corolla offers 13 cubic feet of trunk space. The difference in space is not far from the other, but sometimes being able to fit in extra hand luggage really goes a long way in making a choice. Again, there are different models of these cars, but the Camry overpowers the Corolla regardless.

Camry VS Corolla Fuel Consumption & Economy:

The Camry gives its owners 26 mpg on a 6-cylinder engine. A 4cylinder engine gives a 34 mpg. A Corolla gives a 32 mpg, and unless you want to spend money on fuel, it is better to go with a Toyota Corolla.

If you dont want to spend money on fuel the Toyota Corolla is the better option, Research shows that the Camry Car gives its owner 26 mpg on 6-cylinder engine. while a 4-cylinder engine gives 34 mpg.

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Between Camry and Corolla Car which should you buy in Nigeria?

Camry VS Corolla Interior design:

For comfortability and perceived elegance, the Camry serves  as a better choice apart from its exterior design. The Camry allows its riders to experience comfort by providing more space for them to stretch their legs. This can be attributed to the make and way the two cars are designed. While a Camry is a midsize car, for individuals and smaller families, a Corolla is better suited for an individual with its compact design.

Camry VS Corolla Exterior design:

A Camry Car is consider to more attractive because of its modern and classy look. The fine shape edges of the Camry car gives it a more modern and youthful look  then the Toyota corolla possess .

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the Corolla may look more appealing to an intending buyer than a Camry. but  don’t close your eyes to the options listed above.

With the seven features listed on this article on how to make a healthy choice between buying a Camry or a Corolla, it is safe to say that the Camry is better than the Corolla in some secondary features. But the two primary features; Price and fuel economy, the Corolla beats the Camry. The features you want to consider when trying to decide solely rest on you.

Between Camry and Corolla Car which should you buy in Nigeria?

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