Best Apps to Watch Live Football

Best Apps To Watch Live Football

The only possible way to get out of trouble if you don’t arrive on time to watch football matches on TV is to enjoy it with your mobile phone. So in this article I have compiled the best applications to watch football matches for free on Android and iOS. You can watch free football with this applications from your smartphone.

One of the first options you have at your disposal to watch football live are the usual applications to watch television channels on your mobile. So below are some applications that you can use to watch football online, whenever and wherever you want.

Apps to watch football on payment platforms

I’ll start with the apps that have the rights to football competitions, or several other competitions. It is necessary to have contracted the service, and it is managed through a monthly fee. 

Therefore, it would be wrong to use the word free here. If you are one of those who usually watch football matches on your mobile, you will love the compilation of applications that we have prepared. With them you can watch football for free and live from your mobile device, be it Android or iOS.

As you know, both in the Google Play Store as in the App Store, there are “soccer” applications of all kinds. Apart from the classic apps to see match results and statistics, there are many others specially designed to watch football matches legally from a smartphone or tablet. And beware, because we are talking about free and completely legal applications to watch football, such as the Footers app.

Remember that, if you also like video games, you can always enjoy the best mobile soccer games at the same time as the match, or manage your own team with soccer manager games.

Top of the best apps to watch football for free on Android are Movistar+, Mitele Plus, DAZN, Orange TV, Footers. Thanks to the applications that we have compiled, you will be able to watch matches from the main leagues and tournaments worldwide, as well as the most important cups in each country.

  1. Movistar+: is not only an application to watch movies and series, but it also offers all kinds of sports. This app has the rights of the Spanish League and other major competitions, like the Movistar+, Mitele Plus, DAZN, Orange TV, Footerse, and South American tournaments and leagues of Italian clubs. Although the app can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS, you will need to have a subscription to be able to access the sports channels.
  2. Mitele Plus: is another one of the options of favourites. It allows users to be able to watch football matches with their mobile phones.  An app that works by capturing the retransmission signal but that has an advantage, compared to Movitar+: it is not necessary to contract a fee or subscription. The user has to pay to watch Spanish league matches and European competitions.
  3. DAZN: is an application that can be downloaded completely free of charge, but that also requires a monthly paid subscription to be able to enjoy football matches from the Spanish, UEFA Champions League as well as Italian and English. An app that hit Spain hard and that also includes other types of sports, such as MotoGP or Formula 1. It is a free app that requires a subscription.
  4. Orange TV: allows us the opportunity to purchase a subscription to the SmartBank League, the Europa League, the Santander League, and the Champions League and for you to watch matches anywhere in the world.
  5. Footers: It may not be as well known as some of its alternatives, but Footers is a very good option if what you want is to watch football on your mobile and you don’t mind that the matches broadcast are not those of the Spanish first division, because with Footers you can watch football matches from Segunda B and Tercera, and from the Premier League of Mexico, for free.
  6. Mobdro: It is, along with Wiseplay, one of the most used apps to watch paid channels and platforms for free. This achievement is due to the fact that the interface is clean and very well optimized, the reproduction of soccer matches is done from the player that integrates the app, instead of doing it in a pop-up window of the browser. It’s stable enough for the user and the options are vast. This app has to be downloaded from its official website as it is not in play store. If for whatever reason you’ve missed the match, what you can’t help but have on your phone is an application with information on results, teams and other news. Thus, you will be up to date with everything that has happened on the field of play just by looking at your mobile for a few minutes.

Well, watching football for free is impossible today, counting out watching highlights on YouTube or aincent matches there. Except if you don’t want to legally enjoy the international matches and football contests, but now we don’t have to do it at home and from our TV, but with the help of our mobile phones. You can pay the subscription fee of Orange or Movistar, or pay the necessary subscription from DAZN or Footters. All of this channels have their own mobile applications and websites. There are other services like the LaLiga Sports TV that allows you to watch games of minor leagues from time to time, but it would be impossible to exhaust all of them here. See you next time.


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